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Partnering with local community groups

At Central Vic Meats (CVM), we love our local community! We believe that supporting our local people will help our community thrive, and we are so excited to be a part of that. Until now, we have been conscious of employing locally and partnering with other local businesses, however we think we can take it one step further! So, we have decided that we want our advertising budget to be invested back into the community - that's where our Community Partnerships come in! We want to form mutually beneficial partnerships with community groups who support our local people. We believe that this is a step that we can take to keep more money in our local economy and help to support more community-focused organisations.

Tell me more about this opportunity!

Central Vic Meats (CVM) is looking to invest our advertising budget to partner with local community groups. We are offering $500 to local community groups in exchange for advertising opportunities for CVM.

Given this money is coming out of our advertising budget, we want this partnership to be mutually beneficial to your community organisation and for CVM. This could be promoting CVM in your social media posts, offering marketing collateral and branding displays at events, a write up in your organisation's newsletter - the options are endless!

A proposal of benefits offered to CVM will be part of the partnership application process. We would also love to promote your organisation on our social platforms and in our newsletter so that all of our lovely customers can hear about the great work that your organisation is doing!

Is my group eligible?

We want to partner with groups that make a positive impact in our local community! If you are a not-for-profit community group with an ABN making a difference in the local Bendigo area, you are eligible to apply!

Please note that we have a limited number of partnerships to offer each quarter. Applications will be assessed against consistent criteria and CVM retains the right to use its own discretion in selecting successful applications. Groups may apply for partnerships more than once per year if they choose to do so.

How do I apply?

Applications for Central Vic Meats Partnerships will be via an online form which you can access here. We will ask you to provide details of your group, the work that you do for the community and what kind of benefits this partnership can offer Central Vic Meats.

Your application will be assessed by both CVM's director and their marketing advisor. All applications will assessed against consistent criteria such as the impact on the local community, alignment with CVM values and benefits to CVM.

Community Groups will be notified of the outcomes of their application within two weeks of the closing date of the round.

What else do I need to know?

CVM will offer each successful partner $500 either in cash, in-kind, or a combination of both. The benefits to CVM will be negotiated with each partner. We would also love to receive photos and/or a story about your community group so that we can promote you on our Facebook page.

Community groups may submit their applications at any time, however there will be four rounds of assessments per year. Applicants should expect to hear from CVM regarding the outcome of their application within two weeks of the round close date. These dates are set out below:

Round 1 - Applications close 20th February 2021
Round 2 - Applications close 22nd May 2021
Round 3 - Applications close 21st August 2021
Round 4 - Applications close 20th November 2021


If any have any questions, please feel free to email partners@centralvicmeats.com.au.

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