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Lets Work Together To  Keep Our Local Businesses Open!

» Lets Work Together To  Keep Our Local Businesses Open!
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Hi Everyone
This is an unprecedented time we are facing together, isn't it! 
In all honesty, we just feel really fortunate that we are in a position that we are able to continue trading and serving all of you lovely people. 
We know that this isn't the case for many local businesses so we want to do our part to be supporting our fellow locals.
So here's what we're doing, and what you can do too!

For our online orders we are using delivery drivers with licensed vehicles who now have limited work because many of the restaurants, pubs etc that they were servicing are now closed.
The full amount of the delivery charge for orders will go to these delivery drivers (and if you would like to add an additional donation to the drivers, we would welcome that).
At this time, we will be charging a flat fee of $10 for delivery. 
I know that it's a hard time for everyone, but if you are able to pay for delivery rather than electing pickup this would be giving members of our local community an opportunity to continue earning an income for their family.

In addition, there are several local businesses who are suffering due to the limitations in operating their physical store, so we will be adding small local food businesses to our online store so you can order from them for delivery also.
We aren't taking a cut of their online sales, nor are we charging a fee to be on our store; we just want to provide the opportunity for our local businesses to continue functioning. 
You will be able to order from them for delivery just the same as you order your meat. THIS SERVICE WILL OPEN VERY SOON. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR UPDATES ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

Currently, the businesses that we will be supporting are:

  • Travis Diss Fine Foods
  • Bridgewater Bakehouse

and you can find their part of the online store by clicking here.

We believe that it's incredibly important that we work together to support our local community.
If you have any queries please call us on 5444 0035 

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